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Platform Engineering & Service Delivery for an Animation Studio Giant

Platform Engineering & Service Delivery for an Animation Studio Giant ATMECS – Content Team Challenges: Supporting agnostic services over OpenShift PaaS architecture Automate “Build and Release” process for services, with hundreds of deployments per day Design and build reliable systems and automation process Solution Approach: Build, support, and upgrade automation of RedHat OpenShift being used by multiple development teams for CI Continuous Delivery automation using JBPM, Jira, Jenkins, Bash and Python Continuous improvements in CI/CD workflows for Dev, QA and Prod ATMECS Contribution: Responsible for 40% of the total issue/task resolution in US/India team Responsible for reducing the build/deployment time for different services by 90% More than 90% of services’ continuous integration has been automated 60% of Virtual Machine Provisioning, upgrades and custom configuration are automated by ATMECS, and in the process wrote Puppet modules which weren’t available even in the public repository of Puppet Platform Engineering & Service Delivery for an Animation Studio Giant

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PWA for modern mass transportation firm

Progressive Web App – Hyperloop ATMECS – Content Team Built a progressive web app with interactive route map for a modern mass transportation firm. The client is one of the two major corporations working to set up Hyperloop transport services across different destinations. Currently, the company is working on building the technology related to Hyperloop tracks, Capsule movement, speed control, terminal etc. They have signed up with various governments across world to roll out Hyperloop transportation services across destinations within the respective countries. Challenges: Ability to switch between multiple languages according to user’s preference. Generate maps in the respective language. Unstable backend route generator. Building an app that is compatible with various TV resolutions. Solution Approach: As using Google Maps in China is a big challenge as the country banned all Google’s services, we had to find an alternate and accessible map vendor. Discussions have been coordinated between the client & vendor. After coming up with permutations & combinations of routes among these cities that don’t cross 1500kms, the script has been written to generate route coordinates for the identified routes. This database has been used to plot the routes on map. Progressive Web Application

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Distributed Rendering for Gaming Laptops

Distributed Rendering for Gaming Laptops ATMECS – Content Team Provided Distributed Rendering for one of the leading IT infrastructure manufacturing & distribution companies which manufactures laptops, servers, and printers etc. Challenges: Relatively new technology – Ethereum blockchain Most of the libraries around Ethereum blockchain have been constantly being updated and we had to keep up with the changes. Even though Distributed Rendering is not a new technology, there are very few instances of using it against blockchain. Solution Approach: An Ethereum Blockchain instance has been created on the Azure Cloud using existing templates provided by Azure. A distributed rendering algorithm using blender has been created in Python. Blender is one of the leading tool designers used to create/design animation and virtual reality scenes, characters and images. It has an inbuilt feature to render on-remote machines. This feature had been used to build a python module that accepts and renders a raw image on multiple machines. This python module has been made available on a RESTful API call. Distributed Rendering for Gaming Laptops

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CloudOps Automation Project

Cloudops Automation Project ATMECS – Content Team The client is the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, serving nearly 6,000 private and public sector clients from a diverse array of industries across 70 countries. The company’s technology independence, global talent and extensive partner network help clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change and guide their digital transformation journeys. Challenges: Development of single pane of glass platform to monitor, automate, orchestrate multiple public and private cloud offerings.  To implement single design to support all cross offerings in the public and private cloud family. Cost optimization by transiting operation from DevOps to DevSecOps. Solution Approach: The client platform is a digital-generation delivery platform that underpins: Intelligence, which provides the client digital platform ecosystem with the ability to ingest and process a wide spectrum of data types  Orchestration, which focuses on the ability of the platform to organize, execute, and track the processes and workflows  Automation, which encompasses the technologies that enable the mechanization of tasks within the delivery environment services to managed service offerings for public and private cloud. ATMECS Contribution: CloudOps Dashboard Development Operational Automation for AWS and Azure  Azure Powershell automation  AWS Boto automation script  Vault Implementation for Securing customer credentials Setting up CI/CD process Cloudops Automation Project

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