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Passionate Minds, is who we are. A smart, nimble team with complementary capabilities – Leadership who Aspire and reach out to the future, Thinkers who question the status quo, team with abilities to Manage projects effectively, Engaging and focusing on client, Creating value through innovation and ultimately helping clients Succeed.
We are ATMECS-A Dedicated Digital Engineering Company

Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

ATMECS AI & ML capabilities include providing end to end strategy and building platform agnostic AI and data science platforms. Leveraging our integrated labs, ATMECS helps clients to move successfully from POC to a product.

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Design and development of AR/VR applications and seamless integration with services such as geolocation, image recognition, speech recognition etc.

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Internet of Things

ATMECS partners with enterprise customers to provide thought leadership and IoT solution development and testing services. Our service offerings include​: Product Development, IoT Testing, Technology Stack/Research Areas.

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Robotic Process Automation & ChatBOTs

ATMECS BOT capabilities include utilizing BOTs for optimizing business processes. BOTs – Conversational and AutoBots. RPA – Business process automation and optimization.

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ATMECS helps Implement smart contracts across blockchain contract. Other areas of services are automation of commercial transactions using Ethereum, integration of blockchain modules into existing software, maintenance and more.

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