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The Growing Impact of AI in today’s Sports, Media & Entertainment Industries

Fifteen years ago, the term AI or artificial intelligence was labeled a dream concept. A lot of individuals linked this to the various movies and shows from the sci-fi world. A good example would be the Steven Speilberg movie, A.I, where a highly-advanced robot boy dreamed to be human to regain his mother’s love.

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Why is writing a blog worth it?

‘Thoughts’ constitute 95% of day-to-day life while a conscious stream of thoughts takes up to 90% out of that 95% and the remaining 5% comes right in between the hours of sleep when the brain goes into the resting state; repairs, re-wires, and refreshes.

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AI Bands Together with Humans in the War against Pandemic

Mother nature remains indomitable and unconquerable, but she also gave birth to human beings, our known universe’s most ingenious species.