Infrastructure Support

Sharepoint Administration


  • Limited documentation
  • Multiple versions across applications including out-of-support ones
  • Lack of high availability
  • Lots of custom workflows and customization requirements

Solution Approach

  • Day to day Activities, User Management
  • Scheduled backups
  • Moving Applications to different environments(DEV, QA, UAT & PROD)
  • Implement High availability (Database level)
  • Monitoring Server health
  • Verifying Memory & CPU utilization
  • Configured Remote BLOB Storage (RBS)
  • Identifying Server patches and testing on DEV -Environment
  • Deploying WSPs in all environments(DEV, QA, UAT & PROD)
  • Configuring Search Application and Crawl configurations
  • Identifying Application/Server/search/Crawl issues

ATMECS’s Contribution

  • Wrote the reusable PowerShell scripts
  • Consultancy on developing multiple custom work-flows
  • Resolved long-standing Enterprise search issues
  • Provided recommendations for Patch installation
  • Completed feasibility study based on moving existing applications to AWS and Azure and provided recommendations