Let us build the future. Together.

Turning dreams into reality through coding requires a mix of art and science. That’s why we believe that good code is written from the heart and not just the mind. Every piece of code is important – imagine what would happen if bits in a string were shifted by one instead of two.

Be it product development, migration, testing, or maintenance, our product engineering team at ATMECS can work independently as a responsible unit or as an extension of your engineering team. Our engineers have in-depth experience in product engineering and R&D, with specializations in several domains.


Our engineers at ATMECS strive to make your proof of concept into a product. Our offerings include:

  • Product Planning
  • Technology Planning
  • Product Development & Testing
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Product Re-engineering

Tools & Technology Stack:

  • Open Source Tools & Frameworks
  • .NET Technologies
  • Web Technologies
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery


Nothing makes us happier than receiving honest feedback about the work we do. We strive to keep code simple, nimble, flexible, and we achieve that by debating about patterns, architecture & coding practices until we find the right solution.