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Data Center operations is one of the major outsourcing trends in the information technology. Instead of building and operating their own data centers, companies are looking out to use data center services for better handling of their data. Using data center services is proved to bring many advantages like cost reduction, network and service benefits. The companies which offer data center services pay more attention to the data with continuous support, continuous operation, security, risk management, and flexibility.

Our Services include:

An ideal and effective data center is resilient, cost-effective, flexible, secure, and sustainable. Our data engineers at ATMECS enable you to get the most of your IT infrastructure. Also, ATMECS works closely with its Data Center Partners across the globe to provide top-level services.

  • Agile, flexible, and on-premise enterprise architecture or public cloud services
  • To enable reduction in total cost of your IT operations, we reduce maintenance on underused equipment and retire underutilized functionalities
  • We ensure a high amount of business continuity by implementing high standards of disaster recovery processes
  • Increased energy-efficiency in-line with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings
  • Improved service levels via 99% system availability

Our phased approach to data center optimization:

  • Assess the As-Is state: we assess your asset inventory, staffing levels & activities, and services that are provided
  • Design the To-Be state: we find a balance between meeting your users’ needs and cutting costs
  • Establishing the migration path: we use industry benchmarks, operational standards and more to determine optimal service provision.