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ATMECS has a dedicated data services team including a pool of certified big data specialists. We are uniquely positioned in the area of Market Survey Analysis and Research. We perform analytical processes on the data stored across our client’s organization, to extract meaningful and useful data from raw repositories.

Our Services:

At ATMECS, our data analysts and web analytics team gather data from our clients’ raw repositories and deliver enterprise solutions using business intelligence, data mining, and web analytics. Our comprehensive data service offerings are laid out in five stages:


  • Our data assessment identifies how strategic data assets can be effectively utilized to gain business value
  • We identify business objectives and accelerate them by defining Big Data Analytics roadmap


  • After discovering the objectives, we develop Big Data strategy for identifying, storing/integrating, managing/securing, provisioning & analyzing data


  • We evaluate technologies and provide recommendations on the technology stack
  • We provide architectural consulting and development of scalable, tailored Big Data Analytics solutions
  • Data exploration and visualization


  • We offer end-to-end testing of Big Data applications and perform automation


  • Infrastructure management and CI/CD