Reform your customer experience with IoT data


Many emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and Internet of Things (IoT) are making things possible, which were once confined only to imagination or fiction. IoT for instance, a machine-to-machine concept was once a hypothesis by writers like Arthur C. Clarke and now, it’s a substantial technology in its fullest speed towards development.

Connecting devices together with Internet, minimizing human’s physical interaction with machines, transforming businesses’ speed & nature of decision making, and changing the way the world works, IoT is here to stay for a while.


Our Services:

ATMECS works with our clients to bring their IoT prototypes and conceptions into a fully-built software infrastructure. We offer services such as manual process automation and developing IoT based web applications & edge based technology solutions through Amazon Web Services (AWS).


ATMECS’ Product Development List includes

  • Hardware IoT devices like Actuators and accurate sensors
  • Edge based technology solutions
  • Communication Devices
  • Embedding software applications on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ARM
  • Cloud platforms and cloud applications
  • Software Integration with Voice activated devices, Thermostats, third party platforms and devices

ATMECS’ Testing Catalogue includes

  • Validation of cloud based applications by Simulation
  • Validation of communication devices, resulting in reliability, accuracy, and security
  • Full application functional testing

Technology Stack:

  • AWS IoT Platform Services
  • Digital Signal Processing Software [MATLAB]
  • Raspberry Pi, ARM
  • Kaa Open Source IoT Platform
  • Health Monitoring Sensors, e-Health sensor platform