Leap at the possibilities of emerging Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken a paradigm shift in the last decade. Many businesses are resorting to AI to make their products/services more efficient and insightful. Creating software that is intelligent and capable of doing things that any human can do and even more, AI has become the marrow of digital technology.

Our Services:

The AI & ML capabilities of ATMECS include providing end to end strategy and building platform agnostic AI. Leveraging our integrated labs, we help clients to move successfully from a Proof of Concept (POC) to a product.

To list a few of our services, we offer

Big data end to end strategy: We review enterprise information, be it structured or unstructured, from a wide range of sources to provide a thorough and complete view of your business.

Machine learning: We are expertized on building end-to-end data science pipeline required for Data Analytics, creating ML models, and for business intelligence. We offer expertised engineering services and solutions on various domains such as Healthcare, Telecom, Airlines etc.

– AI/Deep Learning for Text Engineering/NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Image Processing.


Our Technology Stack:

– Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, Spark ML, H2O, Scikit-learn, and other machine learning frameworks

– Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and other big data technologies

– AWS, Azure, and Google cloud


Sample use cases of AI and ML are – Time Series analysis, Customer Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, Fraud Detection, Clustering and Segmentation, Classification and Labeling, Dynamic Pricing, Anomaly Detection, Assets Planning.