NOC Services


  • Effective Management of Major Incidents
  • Reduce Resolution Time

Solution Approach:

  • By using the services of a NOC, one of the most revealing value propositions is the enterprise’s ability to incorporate finitely predictable budgets. The saving is accrued due to two reasons. First, saving in cost due to reduced in-house IT infrastructure management staff, and second, better SLA (Service Level Agreement) deliverables due to the nature of the contract that can be made.

ATMECS Contribution:

  • Server Analysis – Identified assets contributing to the most number of incidents and fixed the underlying issues to achieve significant reduction in incidents
  • Root Cause Analysis – An extensive analysis is done on the root cause of the incidents to avoid reoccurrence
  • Reporting and Measurement – Developed reports to give management deep insight into the issues and trends in the environment. It will also show areas where improvements can be made or indicate any positive or negative trends in performance
  • Knowledge Base – A centralized source for all knowledge and documentation that is accessible to the entire team and continuously update it with experiences and lessons learned for future reference and improvements.