Why is writing a blog worth it?

‘Thoughts’ constitute 95% of day-to-day life while a conscious stream of thoughts takes up to 90% out of that 95% and the remaining 5% comes right in between the hours of sleep when the brain goes into the resting state; repairs, re-wires, and refreshes.

AI Bands Together with Humans in the War against Pandemic

Mother nature remains indomitable and unconquerable, but she also gave birth to human beings, our known universe’s most ingenious species.

Blockchain – State of POCs

By now, this may be the 100th time you are hearing the word ‘Blockchain’ within a week. There are scores of organisations which are trying to build Proof-Of-Concepts (POC) across diverse domains. But among all these, still there are questions being raised on the scalability of Blockchain technologies.