This Week In Digital – Week 39

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Alaska Airlines new VR theater experience could make you forget you are on an airplane – Bobby Carlton, Sep 27, 2018

In order to give topnotch experience with travel to it’s customers ,Seattle WA-based Alaska Airlines has begun testing an inflight VR entertainment package that would swap out the standard head-rest screen with a super lightweight Qualcomm Snapdragon powered SKyLights Alloy VR headset that would offer a selection of 2D and 3D films along with 360 VR content during your trip. This headset can also play user owned content as well as streaming on demand services.

Artificial Intelligence Can Reinforce Bias, Cloud Giants Announce Tools For AI Fairness – Paul Teich, Forbes, Sep 24, 2018.

Unfairly trained Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can reinforce bias, therefore AI systems must be trained fairly. Experts say AI fairness is a dataset issue for each specific machine learning model. AI fairness is a newly recognized challenge. The big cloud providers are in the process of developing and announcing tools to help address AI fairness.

Digital Transformation Reveals Limitations Of Software Packages And SaaS – Peter Bendor-Samuel, Forbes, Sep 24, 2018.

In the world of software package and SaaS limitations, come two new forces of disruption: open source and the cloud. Both allow companies to build capability fast that fits precisely what a company needs them to do and maintain the product going forward. Open source and cloud are driving companies from a software “rental” world to replacement opportunities that allow companies to build bespoke capabilities fast and in a quality way. As a result, more companies decide to build rather than buy software.

Banks and traders to launch first commodities Blockchain platform  – Julia Payne, Reuters, Sep 19, 2018

Global banks and trading firms are launching the first blockchain-based platform for financing the trading of commodities from oil to wheat and this will cut down a mountain of paperwork between a long list of parties, a trader will instead be able to use a digital letter of credit, speeding up transactions considerably.

Could Blockchain be used to protect online gamblers? – CNR Staff | Blockchain, Feature, Research on Sep 8, 2018.

The National Lottery is played by 70 per cent of British adults every year. Online gambling is booming. They are all vulnerable to hacking, lost tickets, people cheating and such like. Lotteries, tickets and prizes can be faked. Could blockchain be used to protect gamblers’ winnings? Quite possible. And already, online gambling platforms like Firelotto are employing blockchain to secure their transactions.

Google Unveils New Search Platform To Help Scientists And Journalists Find Datasets – Sam Shead, Forbes.

ML depends heavily on datasets. It’s the most crucial aspect that makes algorithm training possible and explains why machine learning became so popular in recent years. But regardless of your actual terabytes of information and data science expertise, if you can’t make sense of data records, a machine will be nearly useless or perhaps even harmful. Google has announced a new search engine that has the potential to help scientists, data journalists, policymakers and other user groups to find the datasets they need for their work.

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