ATMECS enables you to get the most of your IT infrastructure, with the data center services. An effective data center is:

  • Resilient
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Sustainable

ATMECS works closely with our Data Centre Partners across the globe to provide these services. Our Services include:

  • Agile and flexible on-premise enterprise architecture or public cloud services
  • Enable reduction in total cost of your IT operations: reducing maintenance on underused equipment, retiring underutilized functionalities
  • Ensure a high amount of business continuity by implementing high standards of disaster recovery processes
  • Increased energy-efficiency in line with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings
  • Improved service levels via 99% system availability

We take a phased approach to data center optimization:

  • Assess the As-Is state: we assess your asset inventory, staffing levels and activities, and services provided
  • Design the To-Be state: we find a balance between meeting your users’ needs and cutting costs
  • Establishing the migration path: we use industry benchmarks, operational standards and more to determine optimal service provision