ATMECS partners with enterprise customers to provide thought leadership and IoT solution development and testing services. Our service offerings include​ ​

Product Development

  • Device Hardware – Identifying appropriate sensors, Actuators
  • Device Software – Embedded Software on micro platforms – Rasberri Pi , Arduino, ARM
  • Device Communication – WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 4G, GSM, GPS
  • Cloud​ Platform – Data Collection, Analytics, Command and Control
  • Cloud Application – Business Rule Engin​e​

IoT Testing

  • Validation of Cloud based application – by Simulation of large volume of devices of different types
  • Validation of Devices and Communication – Reliability, Accuracy, Precision, Data Rate, Security -by Test Automation on Cloud
  • Full application functional testing – Data Collection, Business Logic, Actuator Control – Test Cases for Different Test Scenarios

Technology Stack / Research Areas

  • Health monitoring sensors
  • Raspberry Pi, ARM
  • Digital Signal Processing Software ( MATLAB)
  • E-Health Sensor Platform
  • Kaa Open Source IoT Platform, Xively
  • AWS IoT Services