At ATMECS, we have developed deep expertise in Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies. ATMECS partners with enterprise customers to provide thought leadership and IoT solution development and testing services. Our service offerings include​ ​

Product Development

  • Device Hardware – Identifying appropriate sensors, Actuators
  • Device Software – Embedded Software on micro platforms – Rasberri Pi , Arduino, ARM
  • Device Communication – WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 4G, GSM, GPS
  • Cloud​ Platform – Data Collection, Analytics, Command and Control
  • Cloud Application – Business Rule Engin​e​

IoT Testing

  • Validation of Cloud based application – by Simulation of large volume of devices of different types
  • Validation of Devices and Communication – Reliability, Accuracy, Precision, Data Rate, Security -by Test Automation on Cloud
  • Full application functional testing – Data Collection, Business Logic, Actuator Control – Test Cases for Different Test Scenarios

Technology Stack / Research Areas

  • Health monitoring sensors
  • Raspberry Pi, ARM
  • Digital Signal Processing Software ( MATLAB)
  • E-Health Sensor Platform
  • Kaa Open Source IoT Platform
  • AWS IoT Services