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This Week In Digital – Week 24, 2019

This Dota 2 AI predicts player death within a 5-second window, Smart Contract Startup Tapped By Google As Blockchain Partner, Alexa’s voice apps for kids can now offer purchases that parents approve, IBM’s AI creates new labelled image sets using

This Week In Digital – Week 23, 2019

Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2019, Google makes it easier for Box customers to migrate to G Suite, Microsoft and Oracle to interconnect Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, How Amazon’s delivery robots will navigate your sidewalk, More Details Emerge on

This Week In Digital – Week 22, 2019

World Economic Forum Forms Tech Policy Councils for Blockchain, AI, IoT, How Amazon’s facial recognition ambition could stunt Alexa’s development, Intel’s present and future AI chip business, Google’s AI can create videos from start and end frames alone, Highway monitoring

This Week In Digital – Week 21, 2019

Intel makes progress toward optical chips that accelerate AI, Google brings DoorDash and Postmates to Assistant, Maps, and search results , Microsoft’s AI generates realistic speech with only 200 training samples, Moving Camera, Moving People: A Deep Learning Approach to

This Week In Digital – Week 20, 2019

Deciphering Breast Cancer Heterogeneity Using Machine Learning,Microsoft open-sources key Bing Search search algorithm, Alexa speech normalization AI reduces errors by up to 81%, Amazon Patent Casts Light on Plans to Create Proof-of-Work Blockchain Analog Twitter’s new Developer Labs offers beta

This Week In Digital – Week 19, 2019

Starbucks to use Blockchain to track coffee, Redhat & Microsoft fuel hybrid cloud development with Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Cisco opensources the MindMeld Conversational AI Platform, AI-powered wearble rings could replace watches for heart monitoring, Microsoft opensources InterpretML for explaining

This Week In Digital – Week 18, 2019

AI model predicts TB resistance, Facebook Messenger bots can now book appointments, Amazon Web Services Opens Blockchain Building Service Up for Wider Use, Google – Introducing auto-delete controls for your Location History and activity data, Facebook launches machine learning experimentation

This Week In Digital – Week 17, 2019

AI & Twitter to help scientists predict & monitor floods; Google introduces personalized story telling feature; Sparse Transformers made Generative modeling possible. Here’s your weekly update of This Week In Digital covering all the latest tech developments around the world.

This Week In Digital – Week 16, 2019

Data centers to run on renewable energy by 2020, Voice assistants are recording you and here’s how to prevent it, and AI predicts depression severity from sight and sound. Here’s your weekly dose of This Week In Digital with many

This Week In Digital – Week 15, 2019

IBM makes AI speech recognition better, Google Cloud beefs up with 30 security announcements, and how AI is going to change the way we grow food and create art. Read more about all the tech developments that have happened in